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Hello and welcome to the english version of Larp- Monsterbau.de. The site still has the same unprofessional look as always but is now at least a little more comprehensible.

Translation status: Although I ranted something about that this would be the case by the end of 2013 I obviously underestimated the amount of work involved. To view the progress please refer to the table of contents  (see link “contents” below).

Instead... October 2016... Linothorax. Cloth/glue- composite. Third year and still scratching only the surface of the theme. Selfmade functionable armour; i.e. that will stop (almost) anything short of modern firearms. To be manufactured without metal - or leatherworking know- how; in your livingroom if you´re short of a hobby cellar.
Both my suits of armour are now as near as such projects will ever come to the term “finished” (well, perhaps a little surface detail here and there...).
We also have Lino- mask- building with detailed surfaces but without having to construct a negative-form.
And I´ve designed a chair (which in itself is considered the peak of furniture- design. Among furniture designers).

In 2016 he website has grown 7 pages and three more got added or changed content (see below).

Behind the scenes I´m working on easier navigation of this monstrous construct of a website, meaning that wherever sub- pages branch off a theme- page (like “egyptians”)  there´s a small “table of contents” with direct links so you don´t have to employ the dropdown- menue in the left upper corner. I´ve also learned how to connect links to pictures.

For general handling I suggest that if you´re here for the first time you start with “contents”, and if you return have a look at this page here.

At any time you can employ the dropdown- menue (left upper corner) or the bar at the bottom of each page.

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Oct 2016


On this page I mention new uploads, newest come first.

To view the overall content ve haf now an extra page: Contents


linothorax mask (new) detailed surface without having to build a negative form
“about monsters/ projects/ composite armour/ linothorax mask (oct 2016)
link: linothorax mask

chair (new) foldable yet stable, padded, easy-to-transport fantasy armchair with adjustable backrest, adjustable headrest, drinking bladder and pole-arm- holder. Very comfortable.
“about monsters/ projects/ artefacts/ larp chairs/ folding chair” (oct 2016)
link: folding chair

linothorax test (new) a target of cloth/ glue composite built like my two- tiered armour has to stand up against its natural enemies and holds its ground quite satisfactorily.
link: linothorax test

linothorax (changed content) functional armour made of nothing but glue and linen that can withstand real swords ... I just had to try it. Besides, I had nothing to dress and needed a new chaos- armour.
“about monsters/ projects/ composite armour/ linothorax” (oct 2016)
link: linothorax armour

free-standing attachment parts (added content) - the second suit made of composite; constructed for very warm weather
“about monsters/ projects/ composite armour/ linothorax- collar” (oct 2016)
link: linothorax-collar

lino add-ons (added content) Sideplates, greaves and cuisses. The metal parts of the original armour have at last been replaced.
“about monsters/ projects/ composite armour/ linothorax/ lino add-ons” (oct 2016)
link: lino add-ons

chaos warriors- addendum; more pictures. The outfits get better and better resulting in me feeling underdressed. Mixed- material- armours, Martin´s GRP- works of art, cloth- paintings and new masks
“about monsters/ your monsters/ chaos warriors” (feb 2016).
link: Chaos Warriors

cloth/glue-composite - Linothorax. Everything that exceeds building documentation and hitherto was hidden somewhere in the texts: original paintings, a “tube-and-yoke” armour, ways to use cloth/ glue-composite, material knowlege, professor Aldrete´s experiment.
“about monsters/ projects/ composite armour” (jan 2016)
link: composite armour

sword sheaths made of glue/ cloth- composite- a classic use of the material nowadays “about monsters/ projects/ composite armour” (feb 2016).
link: sword-sheath

boot- cover- lino- cover for the boots of the chaos- armour that up to now were made of fibreglassas replacement
in the works (feb 2016)
link: boot-cover

soft- foam sealing - with cloth/ glue- composite: How does one achieve a flat, tearproof, paintable surface for carved soft-foam objects? (feb 2016)
link: foam-sealing

ibis- amour - new insight added to my first cloth/glue-composite- project
link: Ibis- Armour

oil- painting- simulation- supplement to the existing page: documentation of the steps to alienate a photo, turning it into the resemblance of a painting. Poster surface treatment to simulate brushstrokes and the vexatious printer- problem...  The page also discusses the building of cheap frames and the tuning of mirror- frames (january 2015)
“about monsters/ projects/ artefacts/ paintings”
link: paintings

Emeks FG- armour - a mixed- materials- suit of armour incorporating fibreglass (grp)- parts manufactured in two different working techniques (december 2014)
“about monsters/ your monsters/ Chaos Warriors”
Link: Emek´s FG- armour

chaos warriors - Suits of armour made by a group of players portraying the agents of the powers of Chaos in mixed materials like foam, fibreglass or thermoplastics in combination with or replacing metal parts  (december 2014)
“about monsters/ your monsters”
link: Chaos Warriors

table of content with pictures - in planning for 2 years now. Pictures with descriptions and direct links. Well, the pictures themselves are not the links but nevertheless from now on this here is at most middle- europe´s second- confusing website. (nov 2014).
Path to “contents” is in the first dropdown- menue after “start”
link: Contents

linothorax - the word originally describes an over 2000-year- old style of armour consisting of layers of glued linen, but we´ll use it here for the material itself. I worked with it for the first time building two egyptian guardians an am really exalted about its properties!
“about monsters/ projects/ Egyptians/ Ibis-armour” (march 2014)
link: Ibis- Armour

fibreglass- a highly interesting material! Here used as outer shell for the oversized feet of a suit of chaos armour:
“about monsters/ projects/ chaos armour/ fg- feet” (oct 2013)
link: fg- feet

and one of the most important news of the year:
has his own website: http://www.padubrins.com/ , which means that one of the best mask- artists of the larp- scene (and imho the movie-scene; no flattering, he is that good, see for yourselves) can be reached in the net.
From here best wishes and success!
And -again- the path to some pictures of his creatures at larp-monsterbau:
“about monsters/ your monsters/ Nârkoz” (feb 2013)
link: Nârkoz

Father Frost
Not at all father christmas. For a one-time-only-monster I´ve explored some “later- to -be- reused”- construction- principles.
- design elements and pictures; Link: Father Frost
- really big foam-barbs growing out of the back under clothes; backpack with minimized contact surface; Link: backpack
- construction and safe fitting for oversized foam-feet; link: big feet
- forming foam with heat (here for gloves with foam applications); link: hands
- mask made of customary venetian mask plated with foam; link: mask
“about monsters/ projects/ Father Frost/ and sub-menues” (feb 2013)

gallery “non- humans”
The stone golem from the “TwilightFogValley”  and a witch´s hut on chicken legs...
“about monsters/your monsters” (feb 2013)
link: non-humans
The hut can be seen in motion on my youtube- site:

Sven has completely scratch-built a couple of marionettes (house goblins)
“about monsters/ your monsters/ Sven” (feb 2013) link: Sven

unlosable elongated teeth
Probably everybody else wears them already, but I only see them when they´re worn- so how can I know? My custom- made new teeth not only cover the upper canines but the next ones behind them too...
“about monsters/ projects/ chaos armour/ helmets and masks”)
- scroll down al little, the picture is beneath the portraits (feb 2013) link: helmets & masks

foam- necklace in the shape of a chaos star
A massive, ormanented necklace that just couldn´t be built in metal:
“about monsters/ projects/ artifacts/ necklace” (feb 2013) link: necklace

last edit Oct 2016

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