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The meaning of “monster” is clear, but what is “larp”?
“Larp” means “live- action- role- playing” and folks who do it are “larpers”. Mr Google can explain at length what that means exactly. It is an expensive, complex, time- consuming, strenuous hobby. I love it and am addicted to it for quite a long time now.

About the author:
My name is Alexander Beseke and I live in Lbeck, Germany. I am over 30 years old and my hobbies are what an online- dictionary calls “handicrafts”... and of course monster hunting; but not on a computer screen: I prefer real environments and real steel armour. Erm- monsters can be made of foam, thank you.
This lead to building the critters myself, and nowadays there are games (called “conventions” or “cons”) where I only see my co- players through the eye- slots of a monster mask.

Mostly Im active at conventions in the phoenix- gameworld ( www.phoenix-carta.de )- from the coasts of Helingard (vikings), the hills of Anguir (guys with kilts and a faible for blue warpaint), the woods & towns of Aklon (medieval high civilisation) to the deserts of Shai- Anarat and the jungles of Sheldiria. And I can dance a minuet if necessary.

When asked for passions about ancient civilisations Id call myself an “egyptophile”, whereas in relation to the gameworlds I see the two realms more “with the eyes of a carpenter looking at a wood” (Pratchett).

My oldest edition of “The Hobbit” is from 1974. We also recommend: Moorcock, Zelazny, Lee, Kurtz, Heinlein, Pratchett, Gerrold, Wagner, Harrison, Matthews, and Froud together with Warhammer in high dosage. And I want my own Leonopteryx.


Disclaimer/ the small print:
I only take responsibility for this here website. I have no influence on websites I link or recommend. If something illegal occurs there, I wont have anything to to with it. Before linking  - and later with random tests- I check if the content is ok. If anyone notices irregularities, Im grateful for a hint ( alex@larp-monsterbau.de ).

If you send me material, please only do so with your own. Sometimes it even gets published here. No, you dont get paid for it. Generally I only mention your first name to protect you. Nobody gets any copy- or other rights of his taken away.
For every other text- and picture- material here -exept the above mentioned- applies: it is mine. If you use it for anything else than private purpuses (which means commercial purposes) you need my previous written permission.

The techniques described on this website include dangerous activities like
- handling tools
- running around  in woods dressed in strange, peculiar costumes
- whacking other people with toy- swords
and generally exposing oneself to unfavorable weather conditions while wearing abovementioned costumes- even at night. What a hobby.

If during the course of this anything goes wrong I refuse to be held responsible. Please take care of yourself.

When I publish photos the following ethical principles apply: The folks shown knew they were photographed or were in situations where they had to reckon with it.  The purpose of the pictures is most definitely not to defame anybody. Folks are depicted as they look in their normal environment (larpers look that way). I dont publish pictures I would be ashamed of myself. Who recognizes himself and doesnt want to be published and can prove hes himself: no problem. Just email me at  alex@larp-monsterbau.de to get a “black bar” or to be luxuriously pixeled - when I learn how to.

Hey- actually Im a nice guy. I only write this because here in germany I have to (so the police can find me anytime they want). Have fun at my website!

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last edit oct 2016

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