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Somewhere else Iīve already stated that I am neither the only one and by far not the best who builds monsters- as you can see from here on.

This page (in the siteīs structure) is the branch point from which diverge documentations of spectacular projects carried out not by me but by the highly talented folks youīll meet on the scenes and sets of one of the worldīs most creative hobbies (cursor on “English”, then “about monsters”, then “your monsters”, but navigation is easier via the contents-page: Contents).

And when now - after about one and a half years (Dez 2011) - the website starts to look like I had hoped it would one day, itīs a perfect time to -again- say “thank you” to all of you who donīt keep their cards close to their chest but allow me to show your works here.

With time Iīd like “your monsters” to grow to be the biggest part of this website: showcase and homestead for creatures from many worlds...

In addition to the documentations starting from here  there are galleries (below) which Iīll extend gradually. When pictures are not mine I mention their origin. And here also  “thank you” to everybody who has supplied material!

Small print: Who doesnīt want to be published here and can prove heīs himself, just mail me at  for black bars (until Iīve learned how to properly pixel).

gallery “suits of armour”
chaos- and othersuits of armour

link: suits of armour


gallery “non- humans”
monsters, sculptures, props

link: non-humans


The galleries will be constantly extended.

And a link back to contents: Contents

last edit Jan 2015, may 2018

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