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This chaos armour is from 2003! Rux can let foam look as anything he wants- in this case like a magic super- metal.


Drachenfest 2009
A bad picture that is unworthy of this masterpiece. What incredible proficiency with the material!


Left: Mythodea 2007
The face of chaos. From the textbook.

Above: Mythodea 2007
These warriors are players, not NPCs

G2006 Hal1 G2007 Hal2

Above left: Mythodea 2010. Nowadays the armour is only still recognizable by the helmet. The changes are visible signs of the esteem his patron holds him in, and one can see:
The warrior indeed stands high in the favour of... whomever.
Photo & airbrush: Haleph

Above right: Details of the armour from the previous picture.
Photo and airbrush: Haleph


Drachenfest 2010
The avatars of the dragons are recognizable by their
oversized shoulder- applications. Here the  avatar of “Silver”. Thereīs over a dozen of them, all different- looking.

Mythodea 2010. Picture by Drachenstreiter (, inactive).
The “Undead Flesh” is an NPC- army whose members equip themselves with such exorbitant detail that one has to remember to run away instead of just standing there marvelling.

G2009 SchwEis1DF7

Above left: Mythodea 2007
Should there really be anybody who doesnīt know this guy? One of the most beautiful suits of armour you get to see. And his new outfit is even more spectacular.

Above right: Mythodea 2010
Picture by Drachenstreiter ( The new outfit of the former boss of the Black Ice


Above left: Mythodea 2010
picture: Drachenstreiter (www. The armourīs backside

Above right: Mythodea 2010
Picture: Drachenstreiter (www.

G2013GrFig2DS2 G2014GrFig3DS3

Above: Mythodea 2010
Picture: Drachenstreiter (www. The opportunity to see creatures like this one is but one of many arguments for taking part in the big Cons in summer.


Above: picture and execution: Gerred Clamus.
Left: Notice the different kinds of foam. The shadow below left covers the picture of an artwork the armourīs inspired by but that I have no copyright for.

Right: The gorgeous colours function much better than a simple metal colour pattern and accentuate the many details.


Above: Mythodea 2010, pictures: Drachenstreiter (www. Fans of foam- armour arenīt likely to see something bigger or better in the near future.*
For its size the creature is surprisingly fast and agile. Contact with its weapon should be avoided at all costs. The gentleman with the red bermudas is a referee.
Creature made by Forgotten dreams (

*= (2018): I was right...


Above: Picture and execution: Igi ((, inactive).
Left: Finely detailed body armour for a champion of chaos.
Right: Crystal armour. The repeatedly used Symbol of the 8 arrows is an internationally recognizable sigil of chaos.


Above: picture and execution: Chichi. Made from normal leather gloves with  foam, latex, colours, imagination and skill.

Above: picture and execution: Chichi. Regardless of the aesthetic of the figure such creatures are very dangerous in the game-worlds. The armour isnīt made of foam but of cloth- glue- composite (“linothorax”).


Above: Drachenfest 2011
The eye in the shield on the left is illuminated!


Above right: Mythodea 2011 The armourīs form and colours make clear where his loyalty lies. But regardless of the armourīs splendour- stay out of reach of his weapon. What I like about this outfit is that all pieces go together very well.

G2022Kas1 G2023Kas2

Above: an impressive figure. Picture/ execution: Kassius (LarpeR-Ning).
Left: the legs are a mutation and the “gift” of a god. They are an award for the warriorīs prowess.

Right: new face for the warrior from the prevoius picture


Above left: Drachenfest 2010. Whatever it is: It is cool! I like the solution for the knees.

Above right: Drachenfest 2011. The machine from the last picture one year later: new paint scheme and developed further.

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