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No pictures here, but recommendations on interesting websites. Added to now and then with no criterions of any order or claims to completeness.

The homepage of my preferred larp-system with forum and picture- archive.

http://larper.ning.com When you register (it´s free) you´ll see that everybody else is already there. Alex (no, not me) has built a network for larpers to feel at home. Huge Collection of pictures with supervised quality. The result are pleasantly few captures like “shadow puppetry”, “blurred black spot in front of very bright background” or “who the f... needs photoshop”. And there are lots of larp- how- tos. If only one could find them... 

Masks. Custom- made to specification. Of a quality that challenges anything the movie- industry has to offer.

www.sander-propworx.de Masks, Weapons and gear. Custom- made to specification. I really fall for the fibreglass- props.

http://machwerk-obskur.blogspot.de/  Masks. In the gameworlds Christian is the boss of an ork tribe but in the real world builds masks- among others one of the most well- known ones around here: the “tentacle- face” of a chaos warrior.

http://ermelyns-creatures.blogspot.de/ Beastmen, masks, digitgrade legs, artefacts. So beautiful as one would like to be able to build oneself.

http://www.lenora-gewandungen.de/index.html  Dressmaking- but the term is insufficient. “Magnificient robes” is better. And Nicole takes commissions.

http://captnclown.com/ Movie- style props. Not only because Nick indeed fits out real productions but also because his works look so realistic that children have to be told that nothing you see there is real. Want a USB- stick that looks like a cut- off finger? He makes ´em.

http://www.kamuicosplay.com/ With her unbelievable cosplay- outfits Svetlana doesn´t have to bear in mind larp- typical restrictions and shows what can be done with thermoplastic material.

http://merilfaen.jimdo.com/ Lena has - among others- built thermplastic- formed armour that is used for larp. To build it in metal would take a very talented smith indeed.

http://vk.com/bigbubbasstuff Aleksandr from St. Petersburg builds Warhammer- monsters: orks, rats, chaos warriors. His creatures transport the gameworld´s atmosphere full scale into reality and the opportunity to be able to meet them inplay is an excellent reason to learn russian for. Working on it...
Aleksandr speaks english too.

Suse tailors so well that her creations without any problems would fit into a real king´s court (in fact ours was in a large part made by her). And her website is fun.

German larp- journal. What these guys do is worth being done - and being supported.

Hawke is Holger from Kiel, Germany. And he has built - among other things- a horned beastman with digitgrade legs. The documentations of mask, legs and hooves are impressive.

How to make a monster. Masks and the materials you need to make them. What of course doesn´t mean than you automatically can build monsters. I myself only reluctantly remember my first attempts at sculpting...
Thanks for both links, Lars

Conquest of Mythodea. One of the huge conventions with a few thousand participants. The inventors of the “black ice” (“we are the storm”)

Drachenfest. Huge Convention with a few thousand participants. Make both if you can . You can´t? Then it´s one of the most difficult decisions of the year. On the website there´s a magnificient photo- collection. Want to know what larp is about? Have a look there.

https://www.epic-empires.de/ A convention where one has to put some effort into one´s outfit to be able to participate. A controversial concept but the reward is an experience that is worth the labour. Best- equipped gameworld there is!

If you don´t want to build your mask yourself, look around their web-shop. Or if you need other equipment...

youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvhrGyzF9J4 My Youtube- account. If you click “upwaut” you can see my favourites. Constructions from “interesting” to “I must at once build something like this”

http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/ The inventors of the tabletop- game “Warhammer”. Miniatures and artwork. Everything one can imagine and a lot that one cannot...

Warmachine. Miniatures and artwork. The coolest robots (warjacks) since the decepticons from the movie.

Simon has -among other things- built one of the most famous stone golems in the scene. It can be hired too.

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