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Above: New Order 2002. A lifesize dragon´s skeleton

Right: Drachenfest 2010. A sepulchral stone at the graveyard. See the posture, the folds of the coat-  they don´t come more impressive in real medieval churches...


Mythodea 2007. Are orks monsters or not? If they say “no” I won´t contradict them; they´re bigger & stronger than me... Masks are movie- quality, armour is real steel and you can´t run away from them either- they´re quite fit.


Drachenfest 2009. A demon (here seem during a field- maintenance-operation of one of the facial horns). The design´s origins are visible on first glance.


Drachenfest 2011. The mutations are the gift of a god. The receipient doesn´t conceive them as disfiguring.


Drachenfest 2009. This magnificient ram seems to have stepped right out of a movie set. But as a matter of fact, the player has assembled the outfit over a couple of years for the larp- hobby.


Werewolf (2002). Mask made of fibreglass, claws of foam. Lots of (warm) fur. Made by Margit and Christian.


Drachenfest 2011. The Soul Eater. He´s normally invisible- if you can see him, you´re in trouble. Eyes illuminated green. By Downhole Artworx.


Baba Yaga is a witch who lives in a house that walks around on chicken-legs (no invention of mine, that´s russian folklore!). Built by Jan in Feb 2013. Can be seen in motion on my Youtube - account:

Simon´s spectacular golem has inspired a lot of monster-builders. One can hire him for one´s events, by the way (see “Larp- specials” in the link collection)


Left: Zeit der Legenden 2013
He-who-had-better-not-been-woken sets a new benchmark for this kind of outfits. Made by Wyvern.


Above: Klingenwacht (Phönix 2016)
A “Lindworm” (= a wingless dragon) *, on the left as the players see it, on the right in the fundus. It is a 4- legged 2-man-monster!
The swords in its back are everything that keep it inactive. And (why do you bother to ask?) of course somebody pulled one of them out and ran away with it!
Pictures and execution: Traumfarbrik- Orga

*= Let´s recapitulate: 4 legs & wings: dragon. 2 legs & wings: wyvern. No wings: lindworm. Remember to keep your distance from any of the lot. And don´t steal the damn swords!


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