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Shoes are parts of the outfit and deserve attention insofar as they contribute much to the overall impression- especially if they stand out because theyīre “modern”.

On these pages composite is used to “medievalize” different sorts of specialist shoes. The term “modding” derives from “to modify”, meaning shoes arenīt built from scratch but existing ones are converted.

Imho conversions are only the third best solution because today itīs no problem to aquire “ambiente” shoes for about any character youīd like to build, even without having to mod.

However I donīt want to renounce certain blessings of our modern civilisation- thatīs why Iīm first showing an example of modded medieval shoes:


Above: for the blue chaos armour “medieval” poulaines made of leather were painted with acrylics. The front bootleg hampers the wearing of greaves, so away with it. Inside there are sport insoles with footbeds.

And then there are the soles... they are practically smooth and have hardened over the years making me slip on grass like on glaze (above left).
So off to the next shoe repairer- and he didnīt fit the heavy military profile that I wanted but installed a soft, flexible rubber sole that virtually adheres to the ground (above right).

And what shall I say: the man was right! Traction on grass  is much better than with the military profile that I had in mind at first- which makes this pair my choice for warm, dry weather.

Which- alas- is not always the case with our hobby...
And for heavy weather (either warm and wet or cold respectively cold and wet) I want footwear with characteristics that medieval shoes just canīt deliver.
And monster feet anyway have to be composed individually.

So here are a few links:


Modding of modern water shoes for warm but rainy weather:

light shoes (not yet translated)

Modern tactical boots (= half- high lace-ups) are refitted for “cold” or “cold and wet”

tactical boots (not yet translated)

new feet for the great chaos armour: composite covers replace the fibreglass- shells of the old plateau-shoes (which have become too small...)

monster feet (building site)

may 2018

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