The Saint of Claws

House of Lords- Campaign,
Murash- Orga, 2002 - 2007

In the diocese of Clawshagen in Murash the Bishop´s seat in Claws (where the church was located) is vacant since the last ulthorianic Bishop, Nicodemus, passed away about sixty years ago.

But “The Saint of Claws” is still kept in good memory for the charity activities he conducted during his lifetime (he even is said to have presentedt children with gifts) and his engagement since then has raised some quer customs : people dress up as Nicodemus and organize charity- events.

Only a few yers ago he reappeared in the flesh (well, metaphorically speaking) and continued his business.
However people noticed quickly that he had changed in appearance and conduct- and not to anybody´s liking.

The creature was used as “troublemaker” in a set of courtly dance events in renaissance settings but has meanwhile found its final resting place.

01 The Saint of Claws

Above: The undead Santa Claus consists of mask with attached mitre, floor-length gown with padded shoulders and wrap, tippet and gloves.

The claws on this version of the costume are attached to the fingertips which proved extremely unpractical. A functioning clawed glove is depicted further down on this page.


Above left: The mask (already grounded with black acrylics) was carved out of open- pored mattress foam using a steak knife and scissors. It is glued onto a strip of cloth about 3 fingers wide which has been cut out behind the eyes and nose. The fabric which is tearproof and will not fringe protrudes above the forhead, thus allowing the mitre to be permanently attached. Glue is Pattex.
The facial expression is intended to be “angry” which means the skull has pointy eyeholes and frown wrinkles (which of course are non- existent with real skeletons). There is no lower jaw.

The mitre consists of two parts which have been cut out of cheap camping sleeping mat. They were covered with cloth and sewed together that way. Then the constructon was turned inside out which puts all seams out of sight.
The trinmming comprises of single decorative flakes (bought in winter as fake snow) which have been glued onto the fabric. Cover the desired area with Pattex, spread flakes onto the wet glue (normally you wait till the Pattex is dry, then press together the components, but not this time) and coat it with black acrylics when hardened.
The bishop´s hat can theoretically be adusted in width but that proved unnecessary because the strip of cloth that fastens the mask to the head gives sufficient stability. A hanging of cloth on the back disguises all and helps to completely hide the puppeteer´s head.
The religious symbol (carved out of foam and glued on) is the sword and scales of the fictional god of justice Ulthor (imho real gods have no place in the game worlds in order not to hurt people´s feelings).

Above right: The painted mask (acrylics and cloth coulours).
Back then I´ve painted the foam directly, today I always would seal it first. How to do that is shown here: foam-sealing
The beard consists of grey, uncoloured horse hair (from an arts and crafts store) and was glued onto the back of the mask- again with Pattex.

The carnival mask with the handle is an off-the-shelf plastik Santa mask, cut to shape and newly painted with acrylics. Sand the surface before applying colour- otherwise the paint won´t stick. The handle is on the mask´s left side because Nicodemus has claws on his right hand. The effort was to no avail though- he was recognized immediately...


Above: The first appearance in 2002. In doors he has to stoop and the creature is forbidden to walk backwards.
Santa´s menacing aspect (why- you didin´t know he had one?) is conveyed quite satisfactorily.

And why is Fahther Christmas not dark red but pale purple?
Because he enters the stage in semi-darkness. Red clothes would then just appear black while the pale “church”-colours glow more ghostlike.

10NicodemusD7 09KlaueD7

Above: New claws; here the blades aren´t located on the fingertips but on the first fingerbones. Santa´s dexterity with this solution is surprisingly good while the blades still follow the finger´s movements for intimidating gesticulation.
According to the rules the right hand is  a “short weapon”, the blades have no inlay and are coated with latex.


Left: side-view

Notice the fake shoulders (no hunch, the volume is more to the back than upwards) which make the creature tower manacingly. The puppeteer stands absoluty normal upright which is necessary for longer- lasting appearances.

On the mitre´s back one can guess the cloth hanging which disguise the fastenings. The NPCs head is covered completely and the eye- area is made up black which is sifficient for appearances in semi- darkness.


Again to mention floor- long gowns (which nobody needs except in movies):

Monsters never walk backwards and when the have to they at once remember that they´re not supposed to to so and stop it!


Above: Nicodemus is not fast. He only appears in ballrooms bullying well- dressed aristocrates.

Nevertheless and just in case he brings something along that can fight; we interbred a biblical 6-winged seraph with a Hellraiser- demon:
3 pairs off-the-shelf angel´s wings were merged into a backpack attached to the shoulders with webbing- strap. The coat made of artificial leather has a hole in the back and is closed with a zipper from the hole´s upper side to the collar. The zipper is invisible under the wings and the collar itself is closed on the back of the neck with velcro.
The blindfold is of course translucent and hides the junction to the fake clown´s bald head.
The logo on the coat is Ulthor´s sword and scales perverted by an 8-pointed chaos star.

Nicodemus by the way was never played by me: I´m the angelet...

Merry Christmas and happy icon-bashing!

last edit jun17

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