“Projects” contains the documentations of the building of my creatures- with pictures and explanations and without even one “but that will remain my secret”.

There are no secrets- just a helluva lot of work. And one never gets exactly what one wanted in the beginning...

And of course there are always questions concerning particulars- I notice time and again that try as I might, thereīs much more to mention than I do in my obviously not- totally- exhaustive texts. For questions and comments just mail me at Iīm not in the net daily but check my mails now and then- and I absolutely love talking about the hobby.

May the gods grant you inspiration, dexterity, persistance and the spare time, suitable premises and funds necessary to build a world that  “normal” people donīt have acces to - poor sods.

The critter below can be seen in motion on my youtube- site:

And a link to the contents: Contents


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