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3 sentences for non- larpers:
Folks who organize larps are (in Germany) called “orgas”. The Phönix- Orga (the inventors of the same-named rule- system, in print available at the Zauberfeder- Verlag) plays a campaign in their own gameworld, meaning that the events in one game can influence the next ones or even change the whole world. All orgas that also play at the campaign coordinate their plots which has since about 2000 led to a well- developed world formed by the actions of the players.

That´s where I got in touch with the hobby around the end of last century, and since then I´ve spend a certain amount of time there ...

But to the point: From the beginning till today I marvel at the unbelievably huge effort the phönixes take onto themselves in their conventions: should they invite you to a pre- game- meeting you´ll find that Steven Spielberg would refuse the concept because of its size and budget...

Want an example?
2004, “The Relic”, Phönix- Orga
Sheldiria- how can one describe what´s behind that...
A certain Don Pizarro has heard about the “golden city” deep in the luminescent swamps of Sheldiria and hires adventurers for a conquista to rename it into “formerly golden city”. The “azthecs” are lizardmen, in the jungles there are no tigers but dinosaurs and...
but we won´t get anywhere this way: I´m working on a gallery with pictures. Stand by....

Afternoon in Sheldiria

On this page of the website (and the junctions “giant spider” and “raptor”; see dropdown- menu or the links  below) you´ll find a small once- over of some Phönix- projects, constructions & props:


Left & above:

Machine, 2012 (mainly made of foam); by Rux

“Wood” is no wood, “metal” is no metal. All parts are scratch- built. Beside the design it´s the colours that make it come “alive” and its movable parts, proper illumination and steam do one more thing.
The picture above shows the machine in semi- darkness (how the players get to see it).


Above: parts of the machine disassembled for transport

YMPPS1Sphäre YMPPS2Sphäre-zerlegt

Above: Emerald Tablet, 2012 (contrary to Mr. Trismegistus´ little trinket this one is very well able to destroy the world): The sphere is over 2 metres high and -of course- illuminated. The horizontal line in the middle of the left picture is a strand that signals “invisible barrier” to the players. Above right the disassembled prop: foam, foil, tape, colours.


Left and above: Mummy, 2011. By Martin & Rux; pictures by Martin

One has seen much poorer requisites in real movies! Here also nothing is what it seems: foam, plastic, cloth, colours.

And to all adventurers who are lucky enough to make it into this chamber but unfortunately have to evacuate the thing: The weights on the chains must under no circumstances touch the ground...

Link to the dinosaur- project: raptor

Link to the project “giant spider”: giant spider

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