Mordavia- golem

“The landīs need”, Mordavia-campaign, New Zealand, 2003


This impressive golem is one of the first of its kind and and has become an internet- legend.

It was built in 2003 in New Zealand by Steve, Ryan and David for the larp- campaign “Mordavia”  


He can be seen in motion on Youtube:
During its first appearance the monster sent over 20 players fleeing without having to touch (or better: squash) a single one.

The building- process took 4 foam- matresses, 50 hot glue sticks and 8 cans of black and grey spray paint.

First the foam was glued onto a bodysuit in plates about 20 cm high, then carved. The costume is closed with a zipper on the back that is completely covered by the foam- plates.
The feetīs soles are made of a twinwall plastic called “corflute” that has been cut to generate “profile”.

Building the creature took about a hundred hours.


Guys, your Golem is a classic and an inspiration for monster-builders all over the world. One of the videos, upoaded on Youtube in 2008 by a student from Ghana calling himself edwindela scored over 365.000 hits.

A big “Thank you” for letting me show it here!

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