Luná īs ork

Meet Zna, an ork female.
Built and documented by Luná (who also takes commissions) and published originally as a blog in the LarpeR- Ning. To find it there one needs a log-in and luck which is a pity because besides being  comprehensive and coherent it is so much fun to read that I just had to ask if I might publish it here.

And in order not to bother you with boring comments hereīs a little vocabulary for non- larpers in advance:

WOW= World of Warcraft. A fantasy-online-game

Raid= in this context referred to WOW. There a really big monsters there which you cannot tackle alone so players make appointments, have a meeting, kill the critter together and share the booty (in theory...)

LOTR-online = Lord-of-the-Rings. Also an online- RPG (role-playing- game)

Uruk= orks (ork- language)

OT= OutTime. All that doesnīt belong to the game plot
IT= InTime, OTīs opposite

And now have fun!

All characters are fictitious. All resemblance to a living person is purely coincidental.

Once upon a time in the Ruhr area, Germany ...


... the raid was just finished ...


“WOW is so boring...”


“Wouldnīt it be bewdy if something like this existed for real ...”






“A cat-people-being would be epic!”


“But I have piercings & wear glasses...”


“Besides, Iīve got antisocial hair...”


“...& am in other ways as well socially incompetent...”


Translation from one of the world- famous LarpeR-Ning- flamewars (excerpts):
- “...orks donīt play-act, they just try to justify their oik- behaviour...”-
- “...but only conceal how much fun they have at antisocial boozing and tussling: Very very many larpers just take green facepaint as a pretense to have a good time being asocial...”

and although this juwel of discussion culture is not outlined in yellow:
- “...arse antlers are the elf- ears of reallife...”


“Hey, that would fit awesommy!”


“This is exactly the right thing for me!”

And so the little girl with the many flaws started to build an uruk- outfit as in The-Lord-of-the-Rings-Online.

Essential part:
A few days  before the end of the contest (the “100-days/ 100,-€- contest” about building a larp- costume in a certain time and budget) i finally managed to pull myself together and publish my contribution although I donīt really intend to take part.

My real aim is to do away with a few rumours, namely
- you have to spend an infinite amount of money for your ork- outfit
- you have to be a whopper
- you have to tinker at least 2 years before you even can consider playing
- youīre nothing if youīre not sporting at least  234762378 rivets
- you can only look good with a full face mask
- you have to buy finished props and the “ork” them

As you can see in the list of costs below my outfit was quite accurately 100,- €.

I am 1,64m, ~50 kg, more a pushover than a curvaceous ork-female (playing a cleric by the way but nevertheless look like a clod when in gear).

I needed about 2 months for the building (of course Iīm not finished, but Iīll never be).

I donīt have a single rivet on me.

My mask is about the shape of ski goggles.

I made every garment myself.


The OT- subject


The undergarments. An ordinary shirt of former grey linen seamed with ripped dark green jute and brown linen. Trousers patched with leftovers from my cloth stock.

Both were treated with chlorine cleaner (just splashed on and then darkened with acrylics).

At this point I have to raise a cautionary finger:
Working and contact with chlorine cleaner is dangerous because the stuff is caustic.
We recommend suitable eye- and hand-protection. Splashes cannot be undone or will damage something.

LO16 LO17

Here a wraparound skirt made of indestructible red cloth (even the chlorine couldnīt damage it) together with a stapled skirt of very thin leather are situated over the undergarment.
On the right the view of the rear.


As we al know the famous shredded skirt is a must-have: this here is made of about 4 kg cloth stripes.
At the front is an apron so that no empty space crops up while running. Again cloth and a lot of chlorine.

The cat thinks the skirt is terrific because due to many campfires it smells of mettwurst sausage.


My beloved corset consists of many separate pieces of leather that I laced together with hemp cord. Then the pale leather was treated with sanding paper and shoe polish.


Here collar, cap and mask are added. The mask is only where you see it; like ski goggles. It is -like the ears- competely home-made.
Tha cap consists of felt plates, the little crown was made by dear Thübbele.
The collar is made by myself too. It is composed of individual scales between which I sewed cloth leftovers to make it look more scruffy.


..& another picture taken by nice Nummi


Zna's shoes and gear are shown on the picture above; I was too lazy taking it out for the inhouse- photoshooting.

Boring cost report

4 Euro - felt plates - art supplies shop
0 Euro - metal crown - Sebastian
0 Euro - leather scraps - leftover box
1 Euro - cloth leftovers

5 Euro - latex -
1 Euro - rubber band - cloth shop
0 Euro - Plastidip - tho one puff of spray was for free

0 Euro - lether leftovers - yes, it took a long time
0 Euro - cloth leftovers

20 Euro - leather pieces - Lederkram (= leather provider)
5 Euro - hemp cord - Lederkram
2 Euro - leather string - Lederkram

1 Euro - linen - cloth shop
0 Euro - pullover cord - found in the washing machine

0 Euro - red cloth - leftovers
0 Euro - thin leather - leftover
30 Euro - linen - cloth shop
5 Euro - belt - clothes shop

arm- and leg wrappings:
6 Euro - thin linen - cloth shop
2 Euro - bottle of chlorine cleaner - drugstore
0 Euro - shoe polish - present from a cobbler
4 Euro - thread - cloth shop
0 Euro - buttons - found in my button-tin
12 Euro - pearls and thread - art supplies shop
0 Euro - acrylics - Slog'bûr
98 Euro

Bags, belt, shoes, odds and ends and additional adornment are of course not taken into account but come extra.
Some of you will now ask why thereīs a “0 Euro” at some of the items: I have for weeks canvassed the local cobblers, tailors and cloth shops and asked for leftovers.
The cobbler gave me old shoe polish and a lot of leather leftovers, string, ribbons and so on, the lady in the cloth shop had leftovers from linen and jute and the seamstress donated various cloth scraps.
Other larper- firends also had some “scraps” left over which they
Thatīs why I could build my mask so economically because dear
Slog'bûr in his compassion made me a present of plaster, latex, colours and so on.
So it pays to ask.

And here come the “paper patterns”
All things were sewn together by hand and somehow not to a precise pattern because it was important for me that the gear looks convincing InTime as if a fat, malodorous uruk-chick has it all done with her own podgy fingers; no zips, no velcros, no pushbuttons.
I am so A

If there should be open questions regarding my sketches, just ask. I cannot easily explain things and reflecting on how one has scrawled something is.... erm... difficult.


(for fullscreen- view rightclick context menue)

Thanks to:
Nummi, for the picture
Sebastian, for my princess- coronet
Peter, for the other photo
Slog'bûr, for not being able to take photos
people who have cross- read this
Gott for letting Jesus arise
Shapog Gûr, for being asocial, chavy, beastly <3


And, of course, thanks to Luná for this most informative and enjoyable blog.
And I (Alex) canīt refrain from showing again the ingenious mask (from Nummis picture. Nummi by the way is one of the handful trustworthy larp- photo- pros. If you see him, let him do his job. He knows it.)


Above: Although only the eye area and ears are visible, we see an obviously nonhuman creature that signals “not nice”. To achieve this elegant and only seemingly easy result considerable sculpt- talent is needed- not to mention the workmanlike aspect.

These outfits arenīt made for short appearances that are coordinated by the game supervisors- the orks are players and wear their lavish outfits InTime in any weather. It is an extraordinary experience to meet them in the gameworlds.
It is also very dangerous.

And just in case you didnīt notice the humorous and tongue-in-cheek-aspects of this blog because the translation-minions proved translation- morons and couldnīt get it across properly:
I tried to accurately translate Luná īs choice of words -which is part of the fun reading this blog- but donīt know if it works in english. So in straight talk:
Luná is of course neither daft nor antisocial; au contraire. And the LarpeR-Ning with its inhabitants, discussions, blogs, pictures and highly entertaining flamewars is one of my preferred places in the www.

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