Possibly one of the most important pages of this website. As a very old army- proverb says: Nobody is really useless; he can at least serve as a bad example...
On first glance the creatures shown here look ok, but all of them have grave flaws.
And because Iīve built them myself itīs no problem nagging at them.


Left: The beetle is an efficient construction, but the “backpack” of which head and shards consist of passes impacts on to the head. Not desastrous in itself, but you have to know it if you use this blueprint. Building the whole thing out of soft foam and leaving some headroom would solve the problem.
Documentation: big bug


Right: The collar impairs the helmetīs movements and dislocates it.
Exclusion criterion. Take it apart and rebuild it. Which is what I did.
The documentation is here: heavy armour


Left and below: a pure show- monster and therefore unfit for larp.
The mask is made of styropor (=unsuitable) and when you insist on building hooves you canīt fight with anyway, paint them in a bright colour so they at least get noticed...
Meanwhile the costumes are ok though: Jackals


Left: Rage (for rage is red and blind) 2004, first attempt....just bad.
Thighs too short, armour pathetic, colour is not shaded. Notice the black tape on the left inner thigh where the bonding failed.
The version I can live with is the “Touched One”:
Touched One


Right: NPCs have to dress fast and under pressure of time. The collarīs v- like arch you see on the breastbone indicates: he wears it with the shoulderpiece to the front.
Not his fault but the oneīs who built the thing in a way  that it can be worn in various manners (slight cough...)
See where on the belt the colour flakes away? If we had sanded the foam before painting it that wouldnīt have happened...
Meanwhile Birte took pity and has sewn new outfits for the jackals: Jackals

Below: The foam collar is way too big. The figure on the right cannot lift the arms  forwards.
A solution would be to make the collar smaller and use separate shoulder-pieces (see “egyptians / light armour”: light armour.


The flexible aegis collars of the ibis- guards also work because they follow the wearerīs movements: Ibis- Armour.

OK, enough of this cruel game. Nobody is perfect. Iīm working on it. Anybody got a knife handy to twist it a little in the wound?
last edit oct 2016

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