2002, 05, 07, 09, 14, 15, 16, 17: Skarabäus- campaign .
We´re staging an egyptian Pharaoh´s court. The “bronze”- armours of the guards and the warlord should signal “Egypt” despite of all foreignness. They are worn over a longer period of time and the NPCs must be able to efficiently flatten anybody stupid enough to mess with them.


Our “Egypt” by the way is called “Heshrar”. A few years ago the Pharao in the strictest sense of the word has risen from the dead and since then -together with his retainers (“survivors” would be not quite correct)- is busy restoring his old realm despite of a few minor complications:

Not only that on his ground some turban- wearing newcomers try to repel the permanent attacks of the armoured hosts of the young kingdoms and that after turning them all into undead he has to make them dig his own palaces out of the sand of the great desert- no, to top it all the creator- deity has decided to destroy the world whereupon the pharaoh abandoned him and is now suffering from an embarrassing shortage of priests. This time and again leads to the humilitating situation that he has to invite living adventurers to his court and pay them to pull diverse chestnuts of his out of the fire while working on becoming a real god.


The creature on the “painting” above is the Pharaoh´s high warlord; “Bahat al´ask´r” - meaning  “The Wrath of Heshrar” (to all magicians: no, that is not his real name but only one of his countless titles- but on the other hand: why not try it and see what happens?)
He´s been in a real bad temper for about 4000 years now and when he appears you should be either really powerful or really fast...

From this page branch off project documentations on the subject of “egypt”. Fantasy- larp- Egypt, to be more precise- without reference to the real world, but inspired by one of the oldest and most formidable high cultures of history.

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Undead jackals. No Pharao can do without them: Jackals

Variations on egypt collars. With claws and teeth: Guards

Light armour: light armour

egyptian chaos armour: heavy armour

egyptian helmet: Egyptian Helmet

Ibis- Armour: Ibis- Armour

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