The area “artefacts” is reserved for projects concerning requisites´n props which wouldn´t fit anywhere else, like this here:

The hole in the wall, 2005, Dogma. 5 Styropor- parts, painted with acrylics (ground black, grey/ white drybrush). The sword is only for size reference.

This is how it works:
Depending on how you put the five pieces together the artefact is closed or has a hole in the middle while it´s perimeter doesn´t change. You can take measure! This is virtually impossible and therefore exactly what we need for an interesting plot.
Of course, in the game this tinkering with reality has dire concequences and a whole in the world comes into being.
But fear not- it has been sealed meanwhile. Or at least I hope so.


And of course it isn´t just virtually, but actually impossible. And they saw through my game: Tyll not only played a scholar but in the real world is a ####-student of mathematics. How could I possibly have known that?

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